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Rehabilitating project and Community times

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Wishing to set up a clear educational and therapeutic pathway for the people who freely choose to enter the Community and get prepared for a balanced and dignified life, it is pointed out that the proposal of the Community is a path that is realized over a period of time that lasts one and a half years, and is carried out in three main "times".

It should be clear from the very beginning that these time periods and the stay within the Community are events not chronologically fixed, but settled through an acquired maturity demonstrated and recognized before the Community.

The pathway develops as follows:

  1. Pre-colloquium for an overall knowledge of the subject.
  2. Colloquia to get the subject in charge to the Community.
  3. Community life: 1st time, 2nd time, and 3rd time.

1. Pre-colloquium for an overall knowledge of the subject.

This is done before subject's parents or tutors, and taking the indications of the Therapeutic Service (Th.S.), which the subject comes from, into account.

2. Colloquia to get the subject in charge to the Community.

The subject will have to attend a weekly colloquium, always accompanied by his parents or tutors, and will have to proof his allegiance in keeping the obligations assumed the week before.

The colloquia will start only after the authorization of the Th.S., which the subject comes from.

The colloquia can be quitted if the subject has not complied to the assumed obligations (he got drugged or drunk, he went out alone, etc.)

Case by case, and in collaboration with the Th.S., the Community responsibles will decide the number of colloquia necessary before deciding the entering date into the Community.

3. Community life.

1st time: 8 months (extendable).

Period for (a) knowledge, (b) insertion, and (c) socialization.

(a) Knowledge and familiarization with the program, the places, the times, the rules, the tutors and the main responsibles of the Community.

(b) Insertion into a group (last-entered group), choosing of a working activity according to personal skills and Community needs, and insertion into the corresponding work shop.

(c) Socialization:

During this time the subject has to strictly obey the following rules:

After six months of Community life, the subject will be allowed to meet his parents or tutors, who will be invited to be part in the periodical meetings organized by the Community.

2nd time: 6 months (extendable).

Period for (a) self-estimate buildup, (b) first autonomy, and (c) trustworthy.

(a) Self-estimate buildup and estimate of the therapeutic project which the subject is experiencing: it is crucial that the subject could find the motivations to go deeper into the Community proposal within himself.

(b) First autonomy in managing small activities and simple obligations, with a constant and punctual verification of the state-of-the-progress: shifting from a passive behavior to a self-determination in accepting the Community rules.

(c) Trustworthy: this is the time of subject's highest relational ability both with himself and his group. He feels his new condition and gets used to recognize and accept suggestions and proposals of the educational presences that help him to grow in this important phase of responsibility.

During this time the subject is allowed to:

After 20 months of continual Community life, if the path will be positively evaluated and a favourable situation will be realized, the subject is allowed to go back home for a small period, not longer than three days, and after a previous agreement among the Community, the Th.S., and the family.
A verification among the parts is programmed at the end of this period.

After 24 months of continual Community life, the experience of going back home will be repeated for a longer period, in any case of no more of seven days.
Coming back to the Community, a general evaluation of the path carried on by the subject will be performed (with the family and the Th.S., as well) in order to assess the possibility and the way to project the reinsertion of the subject in the everyday common reality.

3nd time: 4 months (extendable).

Period of (a) reinsertion, (b) final trustworthy, and (c) voluntary service.

(a) Reinsertion, within the family, the work and the social environment.

(b) Final trustworthy: it is the sign of the acquired maturity of the subject the strengthen trustworthy in himself, in the other people, and the final reinsertion project that has to be pursued.

(c) Voluntary service: it is a time which, after the therapeutic program, the subject can choose, spending his experience in either educational or working activity.

During this time, the subject is allowed to:

In this last time it is important that the subject constantly verifies the project reliability and positively reacts and matches with the novelties to which he is exposed.

These rules not being followed, the subject can be released.


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